Arke Promotions Organization

Arke Promotions or Ark e Promotions founded in 1972 by John and Janet Brumby


Support our Independent Artists

Support our Independent Artists
 they are out there performing their best for you
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Albums By Donna Frost
Nashville Nights
Feels Like Home 
 DONNA FROST: Nashville Nights DONNA FROST: Feels Like Home
Albums By Stella Parton
Blue Heart
Appalachian Blues 
 STELLA PARTON: Blue Heart STELLA PARTON: Appalachian Blues
Albums Jennylynn Clark
Farmers Prayer
Tribute to Patsy Cline 
 JENNEYLYNN CLARK: Farmers Prayer JENNEYLYNN CLARK: Tribute To Patsy Cline
 Album By Karen Davis
Two Hearts
Album By Claude Davis
Eagle Flying Home
Album By Denise Jerrido
 KAREN DAVIS: Two Hearts CLAUDE DAVIS: Eagle Flying Home DENISE JERRIDO: Matthew
 Albums By Brian Kimmel
Love 1
Love 2
BRIAN KIMMEL: Soldier [single] BRIAN KIMMEL: LOVE BRIAN KIMMEL: LOVE2 Journey of the Heart
 Albums By Jerry Allen
Merry Christmas from
Beyond the Horizon
Album By Barry Brady
Spirit of Rock 'n' Roll
 JERRY ALLEN: Merry Christmas from Jerry Allen JERRY ALLEN: BeYond The Horizon BARRY BRADY: Spirit Of Rock 'n' Roll
Album By Kids Choir 2000
Voices of Tomorrow
Album By Christmas Carol Cats
Silent Night
Album By Melissa Noble
This is Autumn
 THE KIDS CHOIR 2000 WITH HAYLEY OKINES: Voices Of Tomorrow CHRISTMAS CAROL CATS: Silent Night Christmas Music For Cat Lovers MALISSA NOBLE: This is autumn
Album By Jessy Dixon
Heavenly News 
Album By Ronnie Willoughby
& Bill Rugh
In Front of the Cross
JESSY DIXON: Heavenly News RONNIE AND BILL: In Front Of The Cross
Where would you expect to fnd Jenna Vescio, or Jennarosa?
Well they are all the same person who founded the Enter Into Our World Network and the Enter Into Our World Organization.