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Arke Promotions or Ark e Promotions founded in 1972 by John and Janet Brumby



God has a business plan for this world that is far greater than anything we have ever seen on this earth.

We may look at the city we see in the picture above, with it's pollution showing in the sky, and wonder at it's meaning and purpose.

End of Rainbow

There is a day coming when God's own city the heavenly Jerusalem will descend out of the heavens and come to rest on this earth.


So none of that which we have seen before will ever remain of this earth as it is, for gone will be global warming and wars and destruction.

We hear that Jerusalem will have streets of gold, and have precious stones that abound where all can see them.

Peace will truly reign on earth as in Heaven. Money will have no meaning, nor politicians or economics.

The question is "Do you want to be there?"

If you do let us know through here.

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